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Maple: Programming, Physical and Engineering Problems

The book consists of two parts. The first part contains seven chapters and presents the software of Maple system. The examples presented in these chapters increase the range of use of Maple on the Windows platform. Attention is devoted to practical use of Maple, which provides additional opportun...

by V.Z. Aladjev, M.A. Bogdevicius

added by aladjev
1 year ago

Modular programming: Maple vs Mathematica, and vice versa

Maple and Mathematica are indisputable leaders among modern systems of computer mathematics. In this connection there is quite natural question about preferability of either of these systems. This question is rather multidimensional in view of multifunctionality of both systems. In this connectio...

by V. Aladjev, V. Vaganov

added by aladjev
1 year ago

Computer Algebra Systems: A new software toolbox for Maple

The book represents a library of well–designed software, which well supplements the already available Maple software with the orientation towards the widest circle of the Maple users, greatly enhancing its usability and effectiveness. The current library version contains tools (more than 850 proc...

by V.Z. Aladjev

added by aladjev
1 year ago

Software Etudes in the Mathematica

Systems of computer mathematics find more and more broad use in a number of natural, economical and social fields. One of leaders among means of this class undoubtedly is the Mathematica system. The book focuses on an important aspect – procedural and functional programming supported by the Mathe...

by V.Z. Aladjev, M.L. Shishakov

added by aladjev
1 year ago

Toolbox for the Mathematica programmers

The present book contains over 1140 software etudes not only which are illustrating effective methods of programming in Mathematica and many subtleties and undocumented opportunities of its software, but also being of undoubted interest as the tools expanding and supplementing the system tools. I...

by V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov

added by aladjev
1 year ago

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