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The Fishing Expedition

by Susan Mayer Brumel

added by susan.brumel
2 months ago

What it feels to drown?

by Haley

added by Haleyssocial1
2 months ago

What does it feel like to drown?

by Haley

added by Haleyssocial1
2 months ago


I don't know you but I see your value and worth. Looking at your pictures and videos posted out here on earth. Personally, I want to thank your parents for giving you birth. Perfect you are, your beauty is never a curse. Other females talk about you, with the gums that they chew. But in real...

by Goddbless

added by godd_b
2 months ago

Before It Scars

I wrote this story because it brings to light everything that has been going on in this world recently. I would like to raise awareness of the impact of war on children, since my heart hurts for them.

by Bhavini Sisteedhur

added by prettyskies
2 months ago

I believe, I believe... ..

This is a story of Devine intervention. My first experience.. Leslie

by Leslie A. Lamb

added by Luckylexi1963
2 months ago

The Storm

by Jose Mireles

added by mireles293
2 months ago

Nature's Way

The subtleties of time and nature are fascinating to watch.

by Alan Riedel

added by alan4college
2 months ago

Cheap House

by Wolfgang Niesielski

added by writewolfgang
2 months ago

A little boys life

Lost boy

by Codey Weitzel

added by codeyweitzel507
2 months ago

The Library

Lost knowledge of humans, unearthed

by Binod Pant

added by binod
2 months ago

The Galloway Encounter

by Matthew Flanders

added by mattmflanders
2 months ago

cloudy within the mind

This story is about once having love and then how it disappears from all the meaning it once had when young and the role it plays as an adult

by Beverly Norvell

added by norvell312
2 months ago

The beautiful fish and the magic stone

by Tonya Richardson

added by Dori1968
2 months ago

Touch the Sky

by starreinsky

added by clcndm
2 months ago


Bread Basket to the Caribbean

by Kenvil Atkins Lewis

added by mi2atkins
2 months ago


I wrote this story after learning that some studies show people lie at least 1-2 times a day. A question arose: What is the scale of consequence per lie? Is there a such thing as a "small lie"? Before I knew it, my fingers began typing away at the keyboard.

by Savannah Hicks

added by savhickss13
2 months ago


Messages from Abiotics

by Aayushi Yadav

added by blackbeauty27112006
2 months ago

The Whispering Shadows

Prologue- The Forgotten Cabin

by Shreya Tiwari

added by tiwarishreya901
2 months ago

The Last Knight

I enjoy writing stories with epic and mysterious characters, so I had a lot of fun with this fantasy story.

by Henry Krekelberg

added by henryk.66936
2 months ago

Unspoken Bonds

by Morgan Jackson

added by morganj.00359
2 months ago


In this fictional story, I did my best to combine plot action with strong family relationships. Nature has always fascinated me; my curiosity is endless.

by Sally Salloum

added by sunshinecscs
2 months ago

Hopeless Romance

A day of bliss turned into a life of nightmare.

by Khaleb LeFlore

added by leflorek08
2 months ago


by Ob

added by estique_c
2 months ago

Ghost Boy

by Bella Johnson

added by Bellarinab55
2 months ago

Eaten alive

by Corrine Dupont

added by corrined09
2 months ago

The Chicken Ate My Keys!

An Interpretive Short Story

by Teresa Luedtke

added by luedtketml
2 months ago


I wonder from time to time what the future will bring-I sure hope this sin't our fate.

by Eloise Gibbens

added by eloiseg725
2 months ago


The truth about America

by Frank Lilpoeta Fernandez

added by lilpoeta2_1
2 months ago

The Shadow of Eldoria

"The Shadow of Eldoria: Embrace of Light"

by Karen Perkins

added by pepperemma5579
2 months ago

Drowning Above the Water

This is a Palindrome.

by Alexis Hankinson

added by alexishankinson
2 months ago

Trapped in my own Mind

by Alexis Hankinson

added by alexishankinson
2 months ago

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