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A Strange Amnesia

by Anika

added by nainarai0184
2 months ago

winter tale

Whispers of Winter: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Snowy Season

by shahla alentivi

added by shahlaallen472
2 months ago

The Minotaur

A retelling

by Sage Ferry

added by Sageferryferry
2 months ago

The Lonely Farmer

by Sam Dupre

added by sam.dupre
2 months ago

The Locket's Lure

In a bustling city, Alex buys an old locked from an old antique shop. Despite the warnings of its curse, Alex is drawn to its charm. Long-lost memories return back, and through their journey together, Alex begins to finally accept who she is.

by Ilisha Rai

added by ilisha.r2012
2 months ago


by Logan Whitlock

added by logan.whitlock12
2 months ago

Red History

by Chanthy Vale

added by chanthyvale
2 months ago

The house

There was a spooky old house

by Ruby

added by rubyswaim8pizza
2 months ago

When I took that step

How I gone back to rebuild

by Ross mokgofa

added by Dinokaneng.rm
2 months ago

Snake Skins

Do Not Dilly-Dally

by Hellen Lam

added by Hellen3arth
2 months ago

The Curded Manor

by Noha NASRI

added by nohanasri18
2 months ago

Unspoken Words

a story of loss pain and recovery its just a little something random to practice my writing.

by Desiree

added by bumpsdessy
2 months ago

Draught in King Michael's land

by Sherry Yakubu

added by yjosehine205
2 months ago

The History of Planet Solaris

I wrote this story because I admired magical girls ever since I was in middle school.

by Mya Jackson

added by jacksonmya53
2 months ago

Planet Solaris

I wrote this story because I always admired magical girls when I was in middle school and hoped to make it into a bigger series.

by Mya Jackson

added by jacksonmya53
2 months ago

Whispers in the Mist: Unveiling Frankie Silver's Legacy

by Brandy Nicole Morrison

added by nicolemorrison144
2 months ago

Brothers in arms

by Justin king

added by justinking4237
2 months ago

Patchwork Pisces

(Make up my life)

by Eira Baker

added by emross
2 months ago

The Oak in the midst of the pines

by Donna Lynn Muckelrath- Sisk

added by guardianangelwalkingearth
2 months ago

A Inescapable Maze-Short Horror

I wrote this thinking about how I always do random fiction, never horror. I gave it a try and wanted to do something new.

by Gracie Keller

added by megankeller69
3 months ago

What Lies Beneath

The undiscovered truth of Nicholas Anderson

by Sonia Kimaro

added by soniakimaro
3 months ago


A short poem about a teenage girl learning to grieve a person who is still alive, while balancing all the other negatives life has to offer.

by Q’liyah Thomas

added by qliyahthomas26
3 months ago

The yellow leaves of Kaj

by Khalida

added by khalida.khairi2019
3 months ago

The war

by Khalida

added by khalida.khairi2019
3 months ago

Our Story - Her Side

by Jenn Webb

added by jwebb579
3 months ago

The Wood Cutter's Daughters

A lesson in work ethic and gratitude.

by Lisa-Marie Bernier

added by one.ournewecho
3 months ago


Love knows no time

by Aqua

added by aqua_b85
3 months ago

Please me

by Aquilina Bereskin

added by aqua_b85
3 months ago

"That Sinister Night"

I wrote "That Sinister Night" because I love true crime . And I wanted to make a fictional story about it because it is one of my favorite things .

by Shelby R. Billiot

added by billiot.judy79
3 months ago

The Legend of Chicken Dog

I saw a dog that looked like fried chicken this morning, and it inspired me to write this.

by Noah Williams

added by goodboi
3 months ago

A Snowmance Story

by A Lyon

added by aelyon20
3 months ago

There goes my brain

by Chimamanda Nnacho

added by nnachoe
3 months ago

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